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Rules for online booking and payment.

Dear site users!

Turkmenistan Airlines OJSC (hereinafter referred to as "Airlines") provide you service for online booking and online payment (" Booking", "Payment") for Airlines flights in the manner and on the terms and conditions, provided herein. Please review these Rules before using the service. The Airlines reserves the right to change the Rules without prior notice to the User. The new Rules come into force from the moment of their posting on Airlines website.

The booking procedure consists of three stages:

-The first step is to choose the best option for your flight, familiarization and acceptance of the present Rules, the Contract Offer and the Rules for international passengers air carriage , baggage and cargoes, Rules of transportations of passengers, luggage and cargo on domestic flights of Turkmenistan, privacy policy, how to change tickets and Instructions for cancellation and refund of tickets. Please, schedule the a trip using the options of the route, in type and option of flights: International or domestic, resident/non-resident of Turkmenistan, one-way or round-trip, identifying the categories and the number of passengers and scheduled date of departure. Set the command «Find a Flight" go to the next page.

- The second stage is the selection of convenient tariffs with a detailed explanation of its formation and the class of ticket, and also includes pre-booking of seats/tickets for the selected flight.

- In the third stage, taking into account the chosen tariff, you are booking the ticket and pay it. When ordering, you should fill all fields on the site, as required to fill the payment form and to deposit money in the amount specified in the Order.

The making of an order on Airlines website in any case means the conclusion and signing of the contract and imposes the contract obligationы to you.
In case of confirmation of the air carriage payment specified in the Order, the registration of the ticket will be done. The itinerary receipt containing full information about the transportation is the confirmation of ticket purchase for each passenger. This trip receipt will be send to you e-mail specified when making the order. The orders made by you are final. After payment, you need to ensure that you receive your Itinerary receipt on your email.

The Airlines is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by you when Order making. Under the assumption of errors in the selection of flights and/or dates of carriage, refund and reissue of tickets is carried out in accordance with the rules of the Airlines withheld penalties, specified by Airlines. Thus, you assume all possible commercial risks (a new order, a change of tariffs, refund/not refund, etc.), subject to the errors, inaccuracies in the provision of personal data.
When purchase on-line ticket, the contract on air carriage is concluded between the Airlines and the passenger. Under this contract all contractual obligations arise directly between the parties (regardless the payment was made by passenger or another person).

The Customer, booking several tickets or tickets for third parties/passengers should bring all the conditions of carriage and other necessary information to all passengers participating in the flight. The claims of passengers and Customer to Airlines that they have not be informed of the terms and conditions of air carriage are not be accepted.

Per Customer/passenger should not be created several bookings (orders) with crossed dates and the same parts of the flight. The simultaneous existence of several bookings with crossed dates for the same parts of flights is called a "double booking". In the case of double booking, the Airlines has the right to cancel all duplicate bookings without prior notice, including orders under which the tickets have already been issued. In this case, the refund shall be done in accordance with the rules of the Airlines withheld fines specified by the Airlines. Thus, you assume all possible commercial risks (a new order, a change of tariff, refund/not refund, etc.), arising of a "double booking" for any of the passengers.

When you make the order, you need to consider that all flights should be made strictly in the order in which they are specified in the booking. Absence of You/passengers on any flight is subject to cancel of all subsequent flights (flight segments) without refunding. Depending on the acting rules of the Airlines NO SHOW may be considered as the refusal of the flights specified by the Airlines in a period of time before departure.

In the process of selecting the flight it must be remembered that you / the passenger learns all the visa formalities and requirements for crossing the borders of the countries that are included in the Air Carriage by yourself. Also, in case you / a passenger fly with luggage, he finds out the rules of baggage transshipment at the transit point himself.

If you/a passenger is planning to carry special baggage (for example: animals, sports equipment, oversized cargo, etc.), request for the permission of carriage of such baggage must be sent before payment of the Ticket. Confirmation of the possibility of carriage of such baggage must be obtained from the Airlines prior to the issuance of transport documents because the transportation may be denied.
Payment for the Ordering should be made credit card or through the payment system specified on the website.
Payment with credit cards:

The Airlines accepts payment by credit card via the electronic payment system of the Payment provider. You are asked to enter credit card data, and initiate its authorization. The system of SMS informing notifies you of the result of the authorization by sending SMS messages indicating the identification code. Funds from the credit card will be charged only for the ticket. The Airlines is not responsible for the actions/omissions of the Payment service provider and for any of your losses and the risks associated with payment through the electronic payment system and Internet.
Payment for the order by credit card should be made directly by you - the cardholder. If you gave a credit card to make a payment to another person, you assume all associated risks and agree that payment in this case is made by you.

Transmission of information in the system of electronic payments is executed in compliance with all necessary security measures. The Airlines will forward the information to the authoritative server over a secure channel. The information is transmitted in encrypted and is stored only on the specialized server of the payment system of the Payment provider.

Authorization of credit card transactions is executed online payment system of the Payment provider. If the Payment provider has reason to believe that the transaction is fraudulent, he is entitled to refuse to execute this operation. The Airlines is not responsible for the actions of Payment provider.

In order to avoid cases of various kinds of misuse of credit cards when paying for all orders placed on the website and payable or already paid by credit card can be checked. In order to verify the identity of the owner of the credit card and his eligibility for the card, the Customer located such order, shall provide a copy of the relevant page of the passport of the credit card owner with photo as well as the copy of credit card front side clearly visible first four figures and the last four figures by the Fax or e-mail as. In the case of the Customer does not provide the requested documents or in doubts of their authenticity, the Airlines reserves the right to cancel the order without explanation. The cost of the order in this case, if the payment has already been made, returned to the Customer’s credit card.
In the case that You make the booking of tickets for yourself and/or a third party (passengers) and make the payment order from your credit card for yourself and/or passengers, you acknowledge and agree to the following in this paragraph, and are obliged to inform passengers of the following:
- in case of refund/re-issue the ticket issued to the certain passenger, the Airlines, in accordance with applicable law, shall not be entitled to refuse to return/re-issue the ticket.
- the funds in this case may not be returned to the passenger, since he is not the person who made the payment, and the relevant amount (the value of the ticket minus any required fines and charges) will be refunded to Your credit card , as the person paying the order;
- In this case you do not receive additional notification of the Airlines about the reasons of the return of the payment order;
- You by your own decide with passenger’s settlements matters, as well as the matters arising in connection with this situation and take full responsibility for credit cards usage to pay for the Ticket for third parties.

In the event that you declare about the desire to return / re-issue air tickets of third parties and the Airline will have doubts about the authenticity of the statements, the airline has the right to request passengers about their intentions regarding the order, and before receiving a response, do not take any action until evidence of the true will of passengers.

When paying with a credit card, the funds are in all cases returned to the Customer exclusively on his credit card in accordance with the terms of these Rules
Book and pay for the air ticket on the Airline's website at least 24 hours before the flight departure.

Also you can see the Instruction on cancellation of an order and return of purchased air tickets on the Airline's website.
In order to secure your funds when purchasing tickets using plastic cards and avoiding fraud by third parties, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with some useful advises that will help protect your money from third-party encroachments when purchasing tickets using plastic cards.
1. Do not inform to unknown people the details of your plastic card: PIN code, bank card number, special card codes, your code word and other passwords), personal information, passport data. This information can be used to carry out fraudulent transactions on your card. Do not transfer your personal information by phone or e-mail, regardless of who requests it. Use the services of those organizations that you trust and with whom you already have a positive working experience.
2. Do not store or keep your personal information in accessible locations. Do not leave documents containing your personal data in public places: including offices, hotel, and airport. Please don’t store your personal data, bank card numbers, PIN-codes and passwords on your computer or mobile phone. This information can be made available to criminal individuals who managed to gain access to it through an electronic network or simply physically stole your property. Do not transfer your plastic card to others to make any payments for you. Remember that ONLY you have the right to perform operations on a plastic card.
3. Please always monitor your banking operations. Check the confirmation of orders and bank statements as they are received to make sure that you are charged only for the transactions you performed. Immediately notify your bank of any discrepancies.

The Airlines is not responsible for the absence of the passenger's documents required for entry into the country of destination or departure from the point of departure. The Airlines reserves the right to refuse the passenger in the carriage, who does not have the required documents. If the ticket has already been partially used, the procedure for refusal making will be regulated by the terms of the tariff application.

                                      The instruction on change of the air ticket via the Internet

To change the day of departure or service class, please contact the operator: +99 312 391893 or inform the Airlines by e-mail The changes should be made only for tickets, purchased on-line through the website

The change of departure date via the Internet allows to make the necessary changes to the ticket and to pay on-line this service by credit card according to the tariffs and fees provided by the Rules without physical presence of a passenger at the Airlines local sales points.

Change of tickets via the Internet is made by the invoice issue and sending it to your email. It contains a link to a secure payment page, where you can execute payment safely using a credit card.
The invoice can be issued only when the following requirements are met:It should be not less than 72 hours from the moment of receiving the information required for billing to actual departure time on a new ticket;The seats availability on the specified (-s) flight (s).

Please fill "Declaration for on-line ticket change". The statement should be sent to e-mail or to Fax + 99 312 391893


Working hours: from 9:00 to 22:00, daily (the invoice will be billed from 9:00 to 20:00, daily) Turkmenistan time UTC + 5 hours.
After receiving the invoice, the original booking will be cancelled and a new one is created. The cancellation booking means the seats cancellation and impossibility of departure in initial date (s).
In case the invoice is not paid, the initial reservation can be renewed ONLY on paid basis subject to seats availability.
Payment MUST BE made no later than the deadline specified in the invoice (field "Pay to"). In the case of late payment, it is required the re-filling of Declaration, issuing a new account with the corrected amount.
To ensure the security of payments made using Bank cards, please be ready at the request of the Turkmenistan Airlines OJSC staff to provide a scanned copy of front side of Credit Card with first 4 figures and last 4 figures used to purchase the services for the renewal of the ticket and a scanned copy of the Card holder ‘s passport. In case of refusal or impossibility to provide the required documents, the Airlines reserves the right to refuse this service.
After payment, please inform the “Airlines” staff about payment by e-mail or by phone +99312 39 18 93; +99312 39 17 47.
Enjoy a pleasant trip and welcome you!

Please, Enjoy Your Flight and Welcome!