Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance

Business-class passengers are entitled to an average of 40 kilograms of luggage for free of charge, economy-class passengers - 20 kilograms of luggage. Hand luggage in business-class, as a rule, does not exceed 10-15 kilograms, and in economy-class - 8 kilograms.Excess baggage – is a baggage with a weight or quantity which exceeds the free of charge allowance which is established by an airline for your class of service.

For excess baggage (dimensions of one piece of baggage exceeding 50x50x100 cm), the airline will charge an additional fee. After weighing and registration procedures in case of excess baggage an airport employee will indicate the necessary data and will ask to proceed to the cashier desk or to a representative of the airline to make a payment. Tariffs for transportation of excess baggage are set by carrier airlines. The payments are made at the airport tickets office or at the airline office. After payment is made a passenger should receive a baggage receipt, which must be presented to a registration employee, who will issue a boarding pass.

Please do not forget to have the information on the conditions of carriage of excess baggage at the airline office in advance.For any questions on the arrival and delivery of lost or unclaimed baggage at the Mary International airport please contact the staff at the phone number:

+ 993 5 22 6-31-74.

You can also get information from information desk of the Mary International airport at:

+ 993 5 22 6-70-06.

Items which are not accepted for transportation as baggage 

The passenger should not include in his baggage which being in on-board the aircraft can harm the aircraft, persons or the property, including:

1. Fire and cold weapon of all types.
2. Explosives and articles filled with explosives, fireworks and blasting charges.
3. Compressed and condensed gases.
4. Flammable liquids.
5. Flammable firm substances.
6. Poisons and poisonous substances.
7. Caustics and corrosives substances.

All the substances and items which might be dangerous for the passenger and aircraft crew. Transportation of dangerous substances and items is made out as freight in Post Cargo Service.

The detailed list of the forbidden dangerous substances and subjects contains in "Dangerous articles Air shipment regulations". For more detailed information you should address in information bureau and Aviation Safety Service.

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