Search and rescue service for flights

     For search and rescue support of flights in the area of responsibility of the Mary airport, the coordination center of the airport has been established, which provides rapid response and interaction in emergency situations. Mary international airport provides the eighth category of the level of fireprotection required.

     The main task of search, rescue support of flights is:

  • rescue of passengers and crew members, valuable equipment and cargo, as well as aircraft in case of accidents;
  • carrying out rescue operations in the event of an emergency at the airport facilities;
  • implementation of ground search of the victim of disaster of AF as a part of land search and rescue group and carrying out rescue operations;
  • fire protection, rescue and fire fighting at ground facilities of the airport;
  • carrying out rescue operations in the event of other types of emergency in the territory of the airline.

    Fire equipment, rescue equipment, fire-technical weapons and personnel of fire and rescue teams  are stationed at the rescue station.