The 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan on the pages of the world press

Date : 24.09.2021

   In 2021, held under the slogan "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust", many foreign publications focus on the celebrations on occasion of the glorious 30th anniversary of the sacred independence of the Motherland.

  On the eve of the holiday, special issues of the magazines "Yerli düşünce" and "Istanbool Today" in the Republic of Turkey, "Galkynysh" in the Republic of Austria, "Business Central Asia" in India, as well as "The Diplomatic Insight" in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan were published, dedicated to the anniversary date.

  The publication of these special issues of popular foreign journals was another confirmation of the growing interest of the international community in Turkmenistan - a country of great opportunities, which has both the richest resource and economic potential, and a unique historical and cultural heritage.