New book of the President of Turkmenistan is published in Chinese language

Date : 05.10.2020

New work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Spiritual World of Turkmens”, which has been presented to wide public on the threshold of the 29th anniversary of the country, has raised big interest abroad.

Representatives of scientific circles and public of many countries expressed their intent to translate this book, which narrates about rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Turkmen nation and indicates its significant contribution to development of civilization, to foreign languages.

The first academic translation of new work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has been translated abroad. Book of the Head of the State “Spiritual World of Turkmens” has been published in Chinese language, which would allow friendly people of China learning the culture and world outlook of Turkmen nation, understanding better national traditions of Turkmens, in which embodiment of everlasting universal values such as humanity, hospitality, peace-loving, friendship, creativeness, morality and nobility have been reflected.

These are century-old traditions of our people, which are used by independent and neutral Turkmenistan for building of its foreign open door policy, which is aimed at establishment of wide international cooperation. It is symbolical that new book of the President has been published in the year held in the country under slogan “Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality” supporting wide popularization of culture of peace and growth of understanding between the nations.